Monday, January 31, 2011

Rainbows and Hugs and Such (Nightly Mutterings)

  I just wanna be as happy as this frog.  Is that too much to ask?  Even though he's obviously obese and massive for an amphibian, he's still smiling.  Major respect.

  Sometimes I wonder how people do it.  How do they manage to be so nice and happy all of the time?  Is it normal?  Does it come naturally to them?  Is it like some kind of strange disguise that they just throw on so that we don't know their inner torments?

  I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression.  I'm a relatively cheerful fellow.  Sure, I might have the tendency of being a tad too instrospective about things that don't really need to be introspected, but that's been a part of my character since I was about eleven years old.  This eventually leads to little slight depressions, and these slight depressions lead me back to writing.  So it's all good.  It's my cycle of life.  Because really, I can't imagine what my life would be like without being earnest to the world about when I'm feeling down and out.  I've got my moments and I'm not afraid to let it all out.

Easy A (Film Thoughts and Mutterings)

  Emma Stone.  I love you.  You're so hawt.  In this movie.  Emma Stone.  I love you.  You're so hawt.  In this movie.

  On countless occasions I've openly shown my disgust for the genre of teen comedies.  It's a personal bias that I myself have a difficulty shaking off.  I'll be the first to admit that these films just don't seem to be made with someone like me in mind.  All I can remember from Juno was the amount of smug dialogue that seemed to take me out of any sort of emotional reality that the film might have been trying to convey.  Even in a comedy, I want to feel as if these characters exist.  Juno never felt like a real character to me.  Juno felt like a fabrication of the authors attempting to embody teen characteristics that they themselves don't entirely understand.  There was such a strong feeling of disconnect between me and the character of Juno that I found myself completely incapable of buying into the 'admittedly' solid premise.  The same can be said for Superbad and countless other films.  Even The Breakfast Club had the tendency of completely rubbing me the wrong way, despite being crowned as a strong character study.  Why do I always feel these films think they're self-important while simultaneously being of no true importance at all? I enjoy teen stories that don't make young people out to be 'the single most important beings on the face of the planet'.  I find it neither interesting nor compelling when a group of teens start sitting around in a circle and talking about all of their hopes and dreams for the future, and yet continuously take no strides throughout the story to achieve those goals.  Countless friends have told me that I need to lighten up and live a little, so I guess this is to be expected.  I'm just not the kind of guy who likes teenagers.  Last year, I was still considered to be one, and I'm very glad that I'm not now.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

So Very Very Sleepy...

  The following post is the result of no sleep and me coming to terms with my own laziness.  If you skipped it, I wouldn't blame you or anything.  Seriously, it's best if you just wait for me to make another post about Hollywood destroying my childhood or something.

  I had spent over two weeks not updating this blog.  What excuse do I have? 

  Let me just say that there’s a huge list of things that I was doing with my free time that kept me from feeding this wonderful little spot of the web with new updates.  Like sleeping.  That’s a very good example.  I also think I spent a lot of time on the can briefly scanning through things that I someday plan to read.  Oh!  And I also flirted with women online for a brief period there.  Things were pretty tight.

What Made the Muppets Real?

It's time to get things started... again.  A set photo of Jim Henson Productions redressed to resemble a rundown fictional 'Muppet Studios' for the new film.  Kinda neato.

  Just a few months ago I heard word that Hollywood is making yet another Muppet movie.  At first the news didn't come as any sort of surprise.  The Muppets is one of those potential nostalgic gold mines that the Walt Disney Corporation has been attempting to harvest for over a decade now.  Ever since the death of Jim Henson, Kermit and his friends have been nothing but pawns designed to sell merchandise.  Who can honestly say that any of the post-Henson Muppet films were anything more than trite rehashes of once fresh and relevant characters in a futile attempt to sell them to current generations of kids? The Muppets are old washed out relics now.  They may look and (with the exception of some minor differences between voice actors) sound the same, but their soul is missing.  What made them who they are as characters is completely gone.  It's really sad. I've met very few adults who care for Muppet Treasure Island or the terribly misguided Muppets from Space. 

  Muppets from Space... oh god.  I'm getting ticked even thinking about it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Geekgasm Videos: "Introduction"

  This is quite ambitious for me, so we'll see if this can actually work. After much thought and consideration, I've decided that every week I should share the sorts of videos that have caused me to have little 'geekgasms'. No matter how busy or tired I am, there always seems to be a point in my day when I stumble across something on YouTube that I've felt is worth sharing with the world.  So, naturally, the obvious conclusion is to spam all of my potential 'loyal readers' with these discoveries. Isn't that lovely? You guys get such VIP privileges, I swear.

The New Spider-Man! .... Uhhhhh... yeah...

Does anyone get a really huge 'Kick-Ass' vibe from this outfit?
  Almost everyone and their brother has heard about the new Spiderman reboot that has been slowly revealing itself over the last several months.  After a major falling out between Sam Raimi and Sony due to the disappointment of Spider-Man 3, the studio decided to take a new spin on things.  They kicked Raimi out of the driver's seat for Spider-Man 4 and came up with what could be considered 'the most original idea in Hollywood ever'.

  Let's reboot the fucker!

An Introduction of Sorts

It's not that easy... being geek.
   For the past few weeks I've sort of been struggling with what I like to call my 'writer identity'.  Writing has always been something that I've been rather passionate about, but for some reason there always seem to be that cork lodged in my brain that keeps me from fully spewing forth my full potential.  Sure, just about anyone can write, but only a fair few can actually be great at it.  Identity is a big problem that I've stumbled across on more than one occasion.  Somehow, a lot of my work has simply been lacking in uniqueness.  Which is why, when push came to shove, I decided to create this blog.

  This sort of requires finding my own voice.  I've started up many a blog before in the past, but I want to take this opportunity with this particular start to really 'dig deep' into my own introspection on all of the things that I'm passionate about.  Which is, to say, most everything that could be labeled as geeky.  If all goes according to plan, this will be an excellent outlet for myself and an interesting 'dissection' of how my own mind works for just about anyone else.

  One has to be rather cocky and arrogant to think that everyone wants to know what I'm thinking, but... sometimes I have some great things to say.  Sometimes.  Okay, maybe very rarely.  But maybe for every turd that I manage to pass off as an entry there will be some truly thoughtful pieces of review and philosophy.  Probably not.

  Welcome to The Geek Cadet everyone!  Leave comments so I can tell you why you're wrong!