Saturday, January 15, 2011

Geekgasm Videos: "Introduction"

  This is quite ambitious for me, so we'll see if this can actually work. After much thought and consideration, I've decided that every week I should share the sorts of videos that have caused me to have little 'geekgasms'. No matter how busy or tired I am, there always seems to be a point in my day when I stumble across something on YouTube that I've felt is worth sharing with the world.  So, naturally, the obvious conclusion is to spam all of my potential 'loyal readers' with these discoveries. Isn't that lovely? You guys get such VIP privileges, I swear.

  In the future I'm going to try and make specific categories for each sort of video, but for now this should give you a general idea of what I'm going for.  Future installments will probably feature themes, which will make them less of a crap shoot than this one turned out to be.

AMV Fun!
 Oh Psychostick, how many ways do I love thee?  Too many to list here.  But just know that you ever need a groupie, I am here for you.  Waiting eagerly.
  The editing in this video is beyond superb, and the blending of different shows with vastly varying styles is certainly worthy of praise.  Plus, it makes me want to eat four thousand tacos and gulp it down with a diet coke... and I don't even like tacos.
Gasm Rating: 4/5

One of these days I'm going to just have to make an entire entry about what makes Pink Floyd's The Wall so special to me.  This is a little section from one of the animated sequences featured in the film adaptation, though it was originally created for the stage show.  Without context it might seem like a giant mind fuck, but the animation is so utterly unique that I don't think many will mind.  It's the kind of scene that you want to watch over and over until it's burned deep into your subconscious.
Or maybe that's just my inner-Floyd fanboy screaming out for attention.
Gasm Rating: 5/5

Let's face it, Charlie Brown probably has a healtheir conception of male and female relations than just about anyone on the planet.  Even Dr. Phil.  
Just watch.  It's soo darn cute!
Gasm Rating: Really not appropriate for this particular video... but 3/5

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  1. I remember that trial scene, it's my favorite thing in that movie. I hope to see you post something new soon.